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Hello, my name is Robert Sutton and I am the founder of Top Work From Home Jobs. Let me ask you...are you new to the work from home industry?  Or are you an experienced online entrepreneur looking to boost your income to the next level?

Either way, Top Work From Home Jobs can truly put you on the road to earning well over $200,000 per year and help you accomplish your financial goals…FINALLY!


We've taken the guess work out of choosing a legitimate work from home program. All of the leg work has been done and you can now benefit from our comprehensive and extensive research saving you a ton of time, money & frustration.

We consider 4 main criteria when evaluating and rating work from home job opportunities.  Here's what we look at:

1. Reputation - Each program must be genuine and legitimate. We interview current users/members for feedback to ensure the program actually provides what they're stating. We also research any complaint history filed with the BBB, IC3, FCC and other Internet authorities.

2. Ease of UseOur staff tests each program to determine if the process is easy to follow and/or user-friendly.  We subscribe to all programs that we review and continue to use their services in our continued testing process.  We also provide feedback to the developers of each program that we endorse so that the program(s) can be modified and/or improved as needed.

3. Income PotentialTop Work From Home Jobs validates the income statements/claims made by each program and interviews new and existing users/members to confirm that the statements are accurate. Although we cannot be held responsible for your specific income results, the claims made by our top picks have been found to be truthful and reasonably accurate.

4. User/Member SupportWe evaluate the level of customer service support provided based on a 10-Star ranking scale.  We require a minimum ranking of 7 to be considered for endorsement. We look at factors such as response time, overall effectiveness, ability to resolve issue quickly as well as other criteria.


Don't Get Scammed - Our research shows that over 98% of all online work from home programs are downright scams.  Most of the "opportunity" websites that you find on the Internet today were created by marketing experts with one goal in mind. Simple really…these so called gurus just want your money without providing anything of real value.  It's an opportunity all right, but for them and them alone. 

It was also shocking to learn that almost all of these programs actively market a particular brand for about 6 months and then close shop only to re-brand a similar scheme again and again.  In some cases ripping of the same people time and time again.


Join the 2% & Break the Trend

What if you could start earning a steady income with a proven company that is genuinely interested in your success…

Would You Be Interested?

Here's How We Can Help

Our staff continues to scour the Internet for legitimate and effective ways to earn money working online from home.  With over 1,150 in-depth reviews under our belt, we can state with confidence that we know which opportunities are the best of the best!

Yes, the elite 2%!


And just as important, we know exactly which programs to avoid.  This information by itself is invaluable to work from home newbies and experienced entrepreneurs alike.

And best of all, we provide this advice for FREE!

We are sick of all the empty promises of instant success commonly pitched by all those so called gurus.  We are fed up with how honest people like you get lured into joining worthless membership sites only to realize that the program isn't even close to what was described.  We are tired of those marketing experts raking in millions of dollars at the expense of innocent victims just like you!

But, Before We Go Any Further, I Need to Tell You Something Extremely Important...


The Top Work From Home Jobs that we have identified have been tested by our staff and there were only a select few that made the cut. While we continue to test more programs every day, these are the best of the best.  Each does have some cost associated with joining their company, so if you are looking for an opportunity at no cost, we cannot help you. But rest assured that our Top Work From Home Jobs outlined below, have been proven and are your absolute best chance to make some money working online.  We have not come across any free programs that actually work but we'll keep looking.

Are You Ready to Make Some Serious Money?


As with any other viable opportunity, it is important to be decisive in your course of action.  You really have two choices…you can close this webpage and continue to try to find a proven and effective way to make money online, or you can finally take control of your financial future and join one of the Top Work From Home Jobs that we endorse.


It's Up To You!

We have identified 3 distinct and extremely effective work from home opportunities that have been tested & proven by our staff of experts.  You can join any or all of these programs with the highest confidence.  Not only do we endorse them, they also offer 100% money back guarantees.

There is No Risk!

* Please note that these recommendations are subject to change based on our continued efforts and feedback from visitors like you. We endorse the following programs but actual income results will vary based on several factors.

- Option # 1 -


Did you know that companies like HP, Amazon, eBay and others will pay you cash for your opinion? Companies all over the world spend billions of dollars every year on market research and product development.  They need people just like you to complete simple online surveys and easy product reviews. You can work part-time or full-time and you do not need to have any prior experience. You can work anytime day or night and you can start immediately.  Earnings are paid weekly and the program is 100% guaranteed!

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- Option #2 -


Paid Online Writing is the perfect way to earn some extra cash from home with simple paid writing jobs! They specialize in helping people like you who are looking to make money from home with writing jobs on a freelance, part-time or full time basis. They have access to thousands of writing jobs that need workers to start immediately so browse their current writing jobs today. All you need is an internet connection and basic English writing skills!

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- Option #3 -


Get paid to mess around on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other social media websites.  You can earn a steady and significant income working online from home. Complete easy to follow, step-by-step training is provided and no experience is needed to join.

And you can start your 3-day trial for only $1.

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We are available Monday - Friday from 8:00am to 5:00pm (PST) to answer any questions that you may have regarding these Top Work From Home Jobs. 

We are also available to offer our opinion on any other work from home program that you are considering.  Chances are, we'll know about the program and can share the pros and cons and likelihood of success.

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