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Christian Mistakes About Life After Death

Why one can believe we endure fatality The human mind endures bodily death due to the fact that subjective awareness is not part of objective physical fact. Also, since every mind has the capability to develop itself in a way that transcends the all-natural effects of ‘nature as well as nurture’. This is possible due to the fact that humans have an internal liberty of ethical choice that makes us in charge of who we become.

Why Do Selfishness and Unhappiness Go Together?

Selfishness and also heartache seem to fit. However can not permanent happiness come from individual change even after fatality?

Selfish Character – A Valid Idea?

Is talking concerning selfishness of character polarised thinking & being moralistic? Isn’t nature & nurture the only reasons why we feel like this?

Individual Character – Will It Be the Same After Death?

When we pass away, all we are left with is our specific character. What I really want & value. Will the actual me be exposed to others?

An Afterlife – What Is the Evidence for What It Is Like?

Mystic and also spiritual theorist Emanuel Swedenborg provide a carefully written up record of what he claimed were visions of an afterlife realm. This product was based on what he inwardly listened to and saw when experiencing modified states of consciousness. The understanding occurred each day throughout the last twenty-seven years of his life.

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